by Fu Kaisha

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The old monk had long ago accepted man‘s destiny of "shedding the ape," as his first master had put it. Indeed he rarely felt an association with his body, as his days were mostly spent in the higher planes. But today he felt absolutely trapped in it. He gazed at the meats down at the village market as his mouth watered, he even felt his penis engorge ever so slightly at the sight of the young women there, as they talked and laughed amongst themselves, utterly luminous in their beauty. This was unsettling. Attachment brings suffering, he muttered to himself over and over again, forgoing his regular mantra in hopes of unravelling this spell of sensuality. But suddenly the monk became silent. He wondered if this might perhaps be his destiny: to have a day of sensual delight. This thought was of course immediately contested by other, more pious thoughts. But still the monk had already reached into his bag for his Sennheiser HD-280 headphones and was now, like so many times before, listening to Fu Kaisha, this time shuffling his hips in sync with the intricate beats and squelchy TB-303 lines as he strutted towards what he considered to be the most dashing of the market women. Yes, today the monk would honor his ape.


released February 26, 2013

Music: Fu Kaisha
Words: Gunnar Jónsson
Photo: Árni Grétar



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Fu Kaisha Iceland

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